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CMGrist enroute to Iraq COBRA Two COBRA Three Doc with MP5 in convoy humvee MG Davidson TERRIER One Cooper SERGEANT HALE COBRA Five

From left to right: Sergeant First Class Charles M. (Chuck) Grist (Cobra One); Staff Sergeant Aaron Self (Cobra Two); Sergeant Chad Higginbotham (Cobra Three); Sergeant John (Doc) Actis (Cobra Four); Brigadier General Charles (Sandy) Davidson; First Lieutenant R. Clarke Cooper (General Davidson’s aide); Sergeant Herbert Hale (General Davidson’s tactically trained driver); and Staff Sergeant Kristi Self, Cobra Two’s wife, who extended her tour to serve with her husband.


COBRA Eversman

The author would also like to acknowledge Major Edward Eversman, the U.S. Marshal who trained the C.O.B.R.A. Team.